Abah, DG, BPSR : We’ve chased out 65,000 ghosts from the Nigerian Civil Service

Abah, DG, BPSRDirector-General of the Bureau of Public Sector Reforms (BPSR), Dr Joe Abah in this interview with  Favour Nnabugwu  talks about how the federal government will tackle the contending disparity in civil and public service salaries, what went wrong with the 2016 national budget and reforms government have lined to executive in the next three years.

According to Abah : One of    the most significant things we have achieved is the introduction of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information system (IPPIS) which has saved the government in the region of N185 billion so far, the IPPIS wielded out about 65,000 ghost workers.

We have started to link the bank verification numbers to IPPIS. This will expose about 23,000 fraudulent    pay accounts. The federal government has put in place a monetization policy. Government used to pay huge staff housing for people, pay for gardeners, cooks, watchmen and all that and the heavy payment became a big burden to government in the past but with the monetization policy in 2007, the cost was drastically reduced.

We have also put in place a tenure policy that means that anybody that stays for four years as permanent secretary or director can only do an additional four years before they leave, which would stop stagnation and enable people to advance their careers. It is four years renewable for permanent secretaries, eight years for directors. For the wider public service, we have seen huge improvements in things like regulation of fake drugs. As at 2000, 80 percent of the drugs bought in Lagos were fake and 41 percent nationally but it is now down to 4 percent nationwide.

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