Biafra: Full Statement Of Nnamdi Kanu Just Released

IPOB: Full statement of Nnamdi Kanu just released

Full statement of Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leaderFull statement of Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has released a press statement. The statement/messages was transmitted through Barrister Emma Nmezu and Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya, spokespersons for IPOB.

“I wish to commend and congratulate millions of IPOBians the world over, whose tenacity and exemplary steadfastness to the course is and will always remain a great source of joy and inspiration for me.

“It is noteworthy and very commendable, that despite the spirited antics of our adversaries, the struggle has gathered the desired, awareness, momentum, sympathy and outright support, way beyond our expectations. Your total commitment to the struggle and your determination and focus as a well-disciplined mass movement has gotten the attention of the world and frightened the enemy stiff.

“As our journey to the Promised Land progresses beautifully, since we left Egypt, it is important to always remind ourselves that our progeny will forever remain grateful to us for our many sacrifices today. We are almost there.

“As the oppressor panic, they unwittingly wobble from one blunder to another, time is running out and Pharaoh and his army clearly have no choice than to let my people go. I remain very proud of you all. Thank you. Clearly, the power of truth over falsehood remains eternal. We thank millions of our members from Kogi to Cross River, from Benue to Delta and from Kwara to Bayelsa. As truth resonates loud and clear for the deaf to hear and the blind to see, the oppressor runs around in confusion and in total disarray.

“First, they falsely accused us of killing and burying 5 Fulani men, nobody believed them, next they hired one unknown quantity titled Samson Babalola and his non-existent conference of minorities, again, the world clearly saw through their foolish antics.

“Next, they trumped up one nonentity called Stephen Onwu, again with a non-existent group. The world mocked them. In desperation they fell back to hire one 86 year old ex-Ohanaeze President General who is paid to claim he is the leader of IPOB, the world burst out in laughter, at the belief that he could actually deliver on the funny agenda of instigating leadership crisis. Very pathetic plots in deed.

“Finally, they have planned a jamboree for Ghana at the end of May. IPOB cannot be naïve enough to be part of the Ghana jamboree funded by Abuja. As they continue to embarrass themselves in their confusion and desperation to stop our march to freedom, we congratulate IPOBians the world over as victory is nearer than we thought.”

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