Drunk Nigerian girl attacks police in India

Drunk Nigerian girl chases police in India

A Nigerian girl, who was reportedly drunk, on Monday went on a rampage chasing and punching police officers on the streets of the IT capital of India when they tried to apprehend her after she picked a quarrel with the owner of a mobile shop.
She reportedly bit the doctor at a government hospital where she was taken for medical tests by the police. The whole incident was captured on camera by shop owners and the hospital staff, as they feared they would be implicated in the case owing to recent disturbances involving Africans in Bengaluru.
According to eye witnesses, Maria, a Nigerian, who is reportedly in a live-in relationship with Yesudas from Kerala and living in Bengaluru, visited the National Market in Majestic area (City Centre) to get her mobile phone repaired around 4:30 pm on Monday.
Apparently they sat on the steps of the shopping centre and indulged in public display of affection. A few shop owners took objection to the same and asked them to vacate the place. This reportedly enraged Maria and she picked up a fight with the shop owners and allegedly abused them.
She was seen throwing mobile phone accessories at the shop owner. She also allegedly smashed the glass panels of the mobile showroom and cut her hands. She started bleeding profusely and the shop owners informed the local police.
She was seen throwing mobile phone accessories at the shop owner informed the local police . Another version is doing the rounds where it is being alleged that the Nigerian lost her temper after one of the shop owners told her that servicing her mobile phone would take time. The exact reason for the fight is yet to be ascertained.
The police, who arrived at the shopping centre, tried to bundle her into the vehicle with great difficulty. They took her to the nearby K C General Hospital in Malleshwaram for medical tests, but another drama unfolded on the streets, when she allegedly started punching the policemen, who detained her.
The video footage shows a police officer running on the streets while Maria chases him. K C General Hospital spokesperson Dr Satish Kumar informed the media that Maria and her friend appeared to be drunk.

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