Europa League final: 17 Liverpool fans arrested

Seventeen (17) Liverpool fans were arrested and later released  following incidents at Wednesday night’s Europa League final in Basel. Sky Sports reports.

Basel police made 30 arrests in total, with the other 13 being Sevilla supporters or locals.

Fans scuffle prior to the UEFA Europa League final

All of the arrests were for offences outside the ground, and none of those incidents involved violence. They were primarily for forged tickets and all of those arrested have now been released.

Police had to be called into the St Jakob-Park stadium following skirmishes between the two sets of supporters.

The Spanish club sold just 7,000 of their 9,000 allotted tickets and Liverpool fans appeared to occupy almost three-quarters of the 35,000 capacity stadium.

Trouble in Basel as Liverpool and Sevilla fans clash

There did not appear to be any segregation between the rival fans in the end housing the Sevilla supporters.

A small scuffle broke out between approximately 20 to 30 supporters but petered out fairly quickly after stewards arrived on the scene.

Police then arrived to line the aisle and provide some segregation between the sets of supporters.

Local police said that none of those involved in the trouble inside the ground were arrested as they did not receive any complaints from Basel football club.

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