Exorcist banishes demonic possession from screaming woman

Exorcist banishes demonic possession from screaming woman

This is the horrific moment an exorcist banishes demons from a possessed woman in front of a TV crew.

The footage , shot in Mexico shows a shocking view as the woman named as Diana battles with some kind of ‘beast’ within.

It begins by introducing Diana – who it says is suffering from being attacked by hexes or curses – and an older woman, Addy, the exorcist, who is described as a psychic and clairvoyant.

Diana is led to stand in the centre of a circle drawn on the ground with white chalk – about four feet in diameter – and surrounded by around a dozen lit candles.

Addy places her hand on Diana’s forehand and begins to chant and repeat her incantations.

Soon Diana is clearly in some kind of discomfort as she sways within the circle – and Addy repeatedly tells her “tranquila!” which means “calm!” or “shhhhh!”

Eventually Diana collapses to her knees and appears to be in some kind of pain – tearing at her own clothes and an assistant lifts up the back of her shirt as if to indicate something has or is attacking her.

Diana begins coughing and convulsing – making vomiting sounds although it is not clear if she is actually physically sick.

Then Diana dramatically collapses on the floor in a pile – not moving – but Addy appears convinced their work is done.

Diana is then seen acting and talking normally to the TV interviewers as she strokes an image of Christ on a nearby portrait.

The footage ends with the TV crew lifting up the back of Diana’s shirt to reveal what they seem to be claiming are some kind of scratches on her back.

Source: Mirror UK

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