Facebook upgrades its advertising platform even if you’re not a Facebook user

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Companies like Facebook and Google are happy to offer you their services for free, but free always has a cost on the internet. Advertising pays the bills, and these big companies separate themselves from the pack by serving up ads that are better targeted than other networks. How do they target so well? By tracking you as you make your way across the web and building a profile that helps determine which ads you’re most likely to click.

Some people don’t want to be tracked by Facebook, so they don’t register an account with the site. But thanks to some major changes rolling out now, on one will be able to hide from Facebook tracking.

Facebook announced on Thursday evening that it is changing the way its advertising works across the web. Facebook doesn’t just serve ads on facebook.com and in its mobile apps, the company also has a network of third-party websites and apps that it partners with to display ads. It’s called the Audience Network, and there has always been one big difference between the way Facebook’s off-site ads work as compared to Google: They were only shown to Facebook users

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