FG’s N500bn cash transfer scheme stalls by Lack of adequate database

FG’s N500bn cash transfer scheme stalls by Lack of adequate database
The Federal Government’s intention to use the Single Register to source for the beneficiaries of its N5,000 cash transfer scheme is being stalled due to lack of database by 28 states, a report from the Ministry of Finance has shown. According to the report published by Financial Watch, only eight states have captured.

The transfer will go directly to the beneficiary. The President it was gathered has instructed that there should be no third party arrangement in the transfer process. The technology to effect the payment is being worked out. Which is the database for the storage of all the beneficiaries.

To have an orderly and definite development programme, we need credible data to provide insight into the underlying realities of daily living. To compete globally, we must appreciate the power of demography, demographic changes and data mining. Now more than ever, we need to take a break from our past and start doing things right because our circumstances and fundamentals call for a new and different approach. In the face of declining resources, our national situation calls for priority setting. One of such priorities is having an achievable development plan over a ten year period. For successful implementation, the data on which such plans are based must not be inflated. Any plan premised on padded data only leaves room for corruption and outright stealing. It has also led to conflict in managing interrelated sets of decisions involved in the nation’s economic and social development because of the unnecessary complexity introduced by exaggerated data.

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