Lewis Hamilton clinches Monaco Grand Prix win in action-packed race

Lewis Hamilton clinches Monaco Grand Prix win in action-packed race

Lewis Hamilton won the Monaco Grand Prix in an action-packed race on Sunday. Seven months after his last victory. And this was among the best of his life. His world championship has caught fire.

It was the most pulsating Monaco Grand Prix of recent memory – a wet-dry race, a test of nerve through the narrow streets, a strategic conundrum, and a fierce fight for victory by two brave and brilliant drivers. And at the end of 78 laps of drama it was Hamilton celebrating in front of Prince Albert for the second time in his career.

Hamilton celebrates victory in front of a dejected looking Daniel Ricciardo (left) and Sergio Perez who claimed a podium for Force India

Hamilton celebrates by spraying champagne at a photographer as he looks to get his world championship battle back on track

It was a consummate victory by the Briton – one to sit alongside his triumph at Silverstone in the wet in 2008. It was achieved in a Mercedes car that, for once, was not the fastest on track. That was the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo, who finished second after a long duel at the front with Hamilton.

Hamilton celebrates in Parc Ferme, with the cars of Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull (right) and Sergio Perez's Force India flanking the Mercedes

The victory, against the odds, takes Hamilton to within 24 points of the championship summit, having broken a losing streak stretching back to Austin on October 25 last year.

As for the championship leader, Nico Rosberg, it was a day to forget. Once the safety car under which the race started in rainy conditions made way after eight sterile laps, the German wanted for speed.

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