Czech Agriculture Minister Marian Jurečka is heading a Czech business delegation to Nigeria with the aim of further developing political and economic relations. His talks with top officials in Abuja revealed potential for cooperation in the field of energy, Radio Praha reports.

Czech firms are offering their goods at highly competitive prices and Nigeria is particularly interested in using Czech technology and knowhow in the field of energy production. The capital Abuja has power failures as many as three times a day and the Nigerian Energy Ministry is interested in various forms of power production – coal plants, solar plants, hydropower plants and biomass power production.

Energy Minister Babatunde Fashola said:

“In the ministry of power our road map is to first get incremental power – we do not have enough power as a country, so the short-term plan is to get incremental power, build on to steady power and then go on to uninterrupted power. So, in that context, every unit of electricity that we can put onto the grid is important. Farmers are very important to us and we must give them energy, we must give them roads so that they can move their produce to the market, we must give them energy so they can preserve what they produce. So that is the context in which your minister and I have been talking about biomass power production where they can use all sorts of farm produce to generate their own power. It is an opportunity that I believe we will explore.”

Minister Jurečka will also take part in a Czech-Nigerian Business Seminar in Abuja and discuss with Nigerian officials on Czech plans to set up a Czech Trade office in Lagos.