Policeman ‘beaten to floor and kicked by drunk 15-year-old boy while gang films attack’

Policeman 'beaten to floor and kicked by drunk 15-year-old boy while gang films attack'

Disturbing footage shows a policeman being savagely beaten by an alleged drunken schoolboy.

Mobile phone video captured the uniformed officer trying to detain a boy, reported to be 15, while being goaded by a gang of teenage yobs outside a school.

The victim was apparently hospitalised after the assault which was filmed and appeared to be encouraged by several youths.

One of the group is seen aiming a kick at the policeman, who then becomes embroiled in a struggle with the youth he attempted to apprehend.

As the boy and officer tussle, the pupil eventually wriggles free from a headlock to land four heavy punches to the back of his head, which sends the man sprawling to the floor.

When the policeman attempts to get back on his feet the boy delivers a savage kick to the face.

Delfi reported the 15-year-old pupil was drunk when he launched an assault on a officer with the Riga Municipal Police in Latvia last Thursday.

The officer was asked to close the doors of a boarding school in the capital when a boy reportedly appeared in front of him.

The officer was punched in the head when he pushed the boy to one side, it was reported.

According to Delfi, the policeman tried to detain the boy who responded with a further attack, which appeared to be caught on camera.

The victim was taken to hospital and is now at home with a shoulder injury, it was reported.

Local media reported a 15-year-old boy, who was given an alcohol reading, was arrested for an attack on a government official and a criminal trial is under way.

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