Premier League fixtures 2016-17 Revealed

Premier League fixtures 2016-17 Revealed

Premier League champions Leicester City will begin their title defence with a trip to newly-promoted Hull City, while Jose Mourinho’s first league match in charge of Manchester United will be at Bournemouth.

Pep Guardiola’s first taste of the English top-flight with Manchester City will come at home to Sunderland, while Antonio Conte’s Chelsea career begins at home to West Ham United.

Arsenal’s home match with Liverpool is another intriguing contest on the opening weekend – which will be played between August 13 and 15 – as the season’s schedule is revealed.

opening day fixture

Arsenal fixtures for Premier League 2016-2017

Santi Cazorla (left), Olivier Giroud (centre) and Hector Bellerin will be wearing the new Arsenal kit in August

August 13 3pm Liverpool (H)

August 20 3pm Leicester City (A)

August 27 3pm Watford (A)

September 10 3pm Southampton (H)

September 17 3pm Hull City (A)

September 24 3pm Chelsea (H)

October 1 3pm Burnley (A)

October 15 3pm Swansea City (H)

October 22 3pm Middlesbrough (H)

October 29 3pm Sunderland (A)

November 5 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (H)

November 19 3pm Manchester United (A)

November 26 3pm Bournemouth (H)

December 3 3pm West Ham United (A)

December 10 3pm Stoke City (H)

December 14 7.45pm Everton (A)

December 17 3pm Manchester City (A)

December 26 3pm West Bromwich Albion (H)

December 31 3pm Crystal Palace (H)

January 2 3pm Bournemouth (A)

January 14 3pm Swansea City (A)

January 21 3pm Burnley (H)

January 31 7.45pm Watford (H)

February 4 3pm Chelsea (A)

February 11 3pm Hull City (H)

February 25 3pm Southampton (A)

March 4 3pm Liverpool (A)

March 11 3pm Leicester City (H)

March 18 3pm West Bromwich Albion (A)

April 1 3pm Manchester City (H)

April 4 7:45pm West Ham United (H)

April 8 3pm Crystal Palace (A)

April 15 3pm Middlesbrough (A)

April 22 3pm Sunderland (H)

April 29 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (A)

May 6 3pm Manchester United (H)

May 13 3pm Stoke City (A)

May 21 3pm Everton (H)

Chelsea fixtures for Premier League 2016-2017

(L-R) Chelsea trio Oscar, Diego Costa and Gary Cahill will kick off Premier League season against West Ham

August 8 3pm West Ham United (H)

August 20 3pm Watford (A)

August 27 3pm Burnley (H)

September 10 3pm Swansea City (A)

September 17 3pm Liverpool (H)

September 24 3pm Arsenal (A)

October 1 3pm Hull City (A)

October 15 3pm Leicester City (H)

October 22 3pm Manchester United (H)

October 29 3pm Southampton (A)

November 5 3pm Everton (H)

November 19 3pm Middlesbrough (A)

November 26 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (H)

December 3 3pm Manchester City (A)

December 10 3pm West Bromwich Albion (H)

December 13 7.45pm Sunderland (A)

December 17 3pm Crystal Palace (A)

December 26 3pm Bournemouth (H)

December 31 3pm Stoke City (H)

January 1 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (A)

January 14 3pm Leicester City (A)

January 21 3pm Hull City (H)

February 1 8pm Liverpool (A)

February 4 3pm Arsenal (H)

February 11 3pm Burnley (A)

February 25 3pm Swansea City (H)

March 4 3pm West Ham United (A)

March 11 3pm Watford (H)

March 18 3pm Stoke City (A)

April 1 3pm Crystal Palace (H)

April 5 7.45pm Manchester City (H)

April 8 3pm Bournemouth (A)

April 15 3pm Manchester United (A)

April 22 3pm Southampton (H)

April 29 3pm Everton (A)

May 6 3pm Middlesbrough (H)

May 13 3pm West Bromwich Albion (A)

May 21 3pm Sunderland (H)

Liverpool fixtures for Premier League 2016-2017

Liverpool will be hoping for success as Jurgen Klopp continues his Anfield revolution after a decent season

August 13 3pm Arsenal (A)

August 20 3pm Burnley (H)

August 27 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (A)

September 9 3pm Leicester City (H)

September 17 3pm Chelsea (A)

September 24 3pm Hull City (H)

October 1 3pm Swansea City (A)

October 15 3pm Manchester United (H)

October 22 3pm West Bromwich Albion (H)

October 29 3pm Crystal Palace (A)

November 5 3pm Watford (H)

November 19 3pm Southampton (A)

November 26 3pm Sunderland (H)

December 3 3pm A.F.C. Bournemouth (A)

December 12 3pm West Ham United (H)

December 13 19.45 Middlesbrough (A)

December 17 3pm Everton (A)

December 26 3pm Stoke City (H)

December 31 3pm Manchester City (H)

January 1 3pm Sunderland (A)

January 14 3pm Manchester United (A)

January 21 3pm Swansea City (H)

February 1 8pm Chelsea (H)

February 4 3pm Hull City (A)

February 11 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (H)

February 25 3pm Leicester City (A)

March 4 3pm Arsenal (H)

March 11 3pm Burnley (A)

March 18 3pm Manchester City (A)

April 1 3pm Everton (H)

April 5 8pm A.F.C. Bournemouth (H)

April 8 3pm Stoke City (A)

April 15 3pm West Bromwich Albion (A)

April 22 3pm Crystal Palace (H)

April 19 3pm Watford (A)

May 6 3pm Southampton (H)

May 13 3pm West Ham United (A)

May 21 3pm Middlesbrough (H)

Leicester fixtures for Premier League 2016-2017

Leicester will find this season more difficult as defending champions and kick off the campaign against Hull

August 13 3pm Hull City (A)

August 20 3pm Arsenal (H)

August 27 3pm Swansea City (H)

September 10 3pm Liverpool (A)

September 17 3pm Burnley (H)

September 24 3pm Manchester United (A)

October 1 3pm Southampton (H)

October 15 3pm Chelsea (A)

October 22 3pm Crystal Palace (H)

Ocotber 29 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (A)

November 5 3pm West Bromwich Albion (H)

November 19 3pm Watford (A)

November 26 3pm Middlesbrough (H)

December 3 3pm Sunderland (A)

December 10 3pm Manchester City (H)

December 13 7.45pm Bournemouth (A)

December 17 3pm Stoke City (A)

December 26 3pm Everton (H)

December 31 3pm West Ham United (H)

January 2 3pm Middlesbrough (A)

January 14 3pm Chelsea (H)

January 21 3pm Southampton (A)

January 31 7.45pm Burnley (A)

February 4 3pm Manchester United (H)

February 11 3pm Swansea City (A)

February 25 3pm Liverpool (H)

March 4 3pm Hull City (H)

March 11 3pm Arsenal (A)

Mach 18 3pm West Ham United (A)

April 1 3pm Stoke City (H)

April 4 7.45pm Sunderland (H)

April 8 3pm Everton (A)

April 15 3pm Crystal Palace (A)

April 22 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (H)

April 29 3pm West Bromwich Albion (A)

May 6 3pm Watford (H)

May 13 3pm Manchester City (A)

May 21 3pm Bournemouth (H)

Manchester City fixtures for Premier League 2016-2017

New Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola will manage in the Premier League for the first time next season

August 13 3pm Sunderland (H)

August 20 3pm Stoke City (A)

August 27 3pm West Ham (H)

September 10 3pm Manchester United (A)

September 17 Bournemouth (H)

September 24 3pm Swansea City (A)

October 1 3pm Tottenham (A)

October 15 3pm Everton (H)

October 22 3pm Southampton (H)

October 29 West Brom (A)

November 5 3pm Middlesbrough (H)

November 19 3pm Crystal Palace (A)

November 26 3pm Burnley (A)

December 3 3pm Chelsea (H)

December 10 3pm Leicester City (A)

December 14 8pm Watford (H)

December 17 3pm Arsenal (H)

December 26 3pm Hull City (A)

December 31 3pm Liverpool (A)

January 2 3pm Burnley (H)

January 14 3pm Everton (A)

January 21 3pm Tottenham (H)

January 31 7:45pm West Ham (A)

February 4 3pm Swansea City (H)

February 11 3pm Bournemouth (A)

February 25 3pm Manchester United (H)

March 4 3pm Sunderland (A)

March 11 3pm Stoke City (H)

March 18 3pm Liverpool (H)

April 1 3pm Arsenal (A)

April 5 7:45pm Chelsea (A)

April 8 3pm Hull City (H)

April 15 3pm Southampton (A)

April 22 3pm West Brom (H)

April 29 3pm Middlesbrough (A)

May 6 3pm Crystal Palace (H)

May 13 3pm Leicester City (H)

May 21 3pm Watford (A)

Manchester United fixtures for Premier League 2016-2017

August 13 3pm Bournemouth (A)

August 20 3pm Southampton (H)

August 27 3pm Hull City (A)

September 10 3pm Manchester City (H)

September 17 3pm Watford (A)

September 24 3pm Leicester City (H)

October 1 3pm Stoke City (H)

October 15 3pm Liverpool (A)

October 22 3pm Chelsea (A)

October 29 3pm Burnley (H)

November 5 3pm Swansea City (A)

November 19 3pm Arsenal (H)

November 26 3pm West Ham United (H)

December 3 3pm Everton (A)

December 10 3pm Tottenham (H)

December 13 8pm Crystal Palace (A)

December 17 3pm West Brom (A)

December 26 3pm Sunderland (H)

December 31 3pm Middlesbrough (H)

January 2 3pm West Ham United (A)

January 14 3pm Liverpool (H)

January 21 3pm Stoke City (A)

February 1 8pm Hull City (H)

February 4 3pm Leicester City (A)

February 11 3pm  Watford (H)

February 25 3pm Manchester City (A)

March 4 3pm Bournemouth (H)

March 11 3pm Southampton (A)

March 18 3pm Middlesbrough (A)

April 1 3pm West Brom (H)

April 4 8pm Everton (H)

April 8 3pm Sunderland (A)

April 15 3pm Chelsea (H)

April 22 3pm Burnley (A)

April 29 3pm Swansea City (H)

May 6 3pm Arsenal (A)

May 13 3pm Tottenham (A)

May 21 3pm Crystal Palace (H) 

Tottenham Hotspur fixtures for Premier League season 2016-17

Harry Kane, scorer of 25 Premier League goals last season, will aim to hit the ground running at Goodison Park

August 13 3pm Everton (A)

August 20 3pm Crystal Palace (H)

August 27 3pm Liverpool (H)

September 10 3pm Stoke City (A)

September 17 3pm Sunderland (H)

September 24 3pm Middlesbrough (A)

October 1 3pm Manchester City (H)

October 15 3pm West Bromwich Albion (A)

October 22 3pm Bournemouth (A)

October 29 3pm Leicester City (H)

November 5 3pm Arsenal (A)

November 19 3pm West Ham United (H)

November 26 3pm Chelsea (A)

December 3 3pm Swansea City (H)

December 10 3pm Manchester United (A)

December 14 8pm Hull City (H)

December 17 3pm Burnley (H)

December 26 3pm Southampton (A)

December 31 3pm Watford (A)

January 1 3pm Chelsea (H)

January 14 3pm West Bromwich Albion (H)

January 21 3pm Manchester City (A)

January 31 7:45pm Sunderland (A)

February 4 3pm Middlesbrough (H)

February 11 3pm Liverpool (A)

February 25 3pm Stoke City (H)

March 4 3pm Everton (H)

March 11 3pm Crystal Palace (A)

March 18 3pm Southampton (H)

April 1 3pm Burnley (A)

April 4 7:45pm Swansea City (A)

April 8 3pm Watford (H)

April 15 3pm Bournemouth (H)

April 22 3pm Leicester City (A)

April 29 3pm Arsenal (H)

May 6 3pm West Ham United (A)

May 13 3pm Manchester United (H)

May 21 3pm Hull City (A)

West Ham United fixtures for Premier League 2016-17

Dimitri Payet (centre) and co will kick off the new Premier League season with a London derby against Chelsea

August 13 3pm Chelsea (A)

August 20 3pm Bournemouth (H)

August 27 3pm Manchester City (A)

September 10 Watford (H)

September 17 3pm West Bromwich Albion (A)

September 24 3pm Southampton (H)

October 1 3pm Middlesbrough (H)

October 15 3pm Crystal Palace (A)

October 22 3pm Sunderland (H)

October 29 3pm Everton (A)

November 5 3pm Stoke City (H)

November 19 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (A)

November 26 3pm Manchester United (A)

December 3 3pm Arsenal (H)

December 10 3pm Liverpool (A)

December 13 7:45pm Burnley (H)

December 17 3pm Hull City (H)

December 26 3pm Swansea City (A)

December 31 3pm Leicester City (A)

January 2 3pm Manchester United (H)

January 14 3pm Crystal Palace (H)

January 21 3pm Middlesbrough (A)

January 31 7:45pm Manchester City (H)

February 4 3pm Southampton (A)

February 11 3pm West Bromwich Albion (H)

February 25 3pm Watford (A)

March 4 3pm Chelsea (H)

March 11 3pm Bournemouth (A)

March 18 3pm Leicester City (H)

April 1 3pm Hull City (A)

April 4 7:45pm Arsenal (A)

April 8 3pm Swansea City (H)

April 15 3pm Sunderland (A)

April 22 3pm Everton (H)

April 29 3pm Stoke City (A)

May 6 3pm Tottenham Hotspur (H)

May 13 3pm Liverpool (H)

May 21 3pm Burnley (A)

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