Research – Mothers sleep five hours less a week than child-free women

Mothers sleep five hours less a week than child-free women

A new study by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia has proven that mothers, on average, get five hours sleep less a week than women without children. Daily Mail reports.

So whilst some child-free women are out late on weeknights with social engagements, or partying all night on the weekend, mums are still getting less sleep each week.

Mothers sleep five hours less

The research also found that parents with children under the age of one were at the most risk of losing sleep, and that the hours of sleep lost increased with each subsequent child.

Mothers with one young child got 48.8 hours of sleep a week, with this decreasing to 45.8 hours after their second child and 44.5 hours after their third baby.

The research found that there was a ‘gender gap’ when it comes to sleep, with mothers always clocking less sleep than fathers.

The data also showed that women who are single mothers and have a professional qualification and job are getting even less sleep than the average.

In order to try and improve these statistics, the study also included recommendations to help combat this lack of sleep in mothers, ranging from government-funded initiatives to creative solutions employers can implement.


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