Shocking – photos show petrol station overrun with refugees

These outrageous photos show how migrants have taken over a petrol station on the Greek-Macedonian border.

The garage forecourt in the town of Idomeni is packed with tents, laundry lines, and even a makeshift hair salon.


Laundry is draped over rope tied to lampposts in the middle of the forecourt once buzzing with cars.

Some migrants are even pictured cutting their hair, using dirty hand-held mirrors as guides.


The overrun petrol station no longer appears to be in use.

The desperate refugees have set up the camp as the border between embattled Greece and Macedonia has been blocked.


The route through the Balkans was used by migrants to get to central and western Europe.

The European Union and Turkey struck a deal last month in an effort to stem the flow of migrants entering Europe.

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