Tragedy : fire guts NNPC filling station kills three, 10 vehicles burnt

Tragedy happened on Saturday 23rd April 2016 in one of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in Kaduna. Three people died Saturday and 10 vehicles burnt as a filling station belonging to the state-owned NNPC caught fire.

Eye witnesses said the fire started around 5:00 p.m and lasted for more than three hours.

An official of the Kaduna State Fire Service, confirmed the death of the three people. And said that the cause of the fire is still unknown.

Some residents of Kinkinau GRA, where the fuel station is located, opposite Ungwan Muazu, on Nnamdi Azikwe Way, said as the inferno raged, they became apprehensive that it might spread to their shops and homes.

Babangida Kinkinau, owner of a nearby shop, said the incident occurred while a fuel tanker was discharging its content.

“One of the compartments of the tanker was leaking fuel while in the process of discharge,” Mr. Kinkinau said. “I rushed to the scene with a bucket to assist as the manager of the fuel station uses rag to block the leakage.

“Unfortunately, the fire was triggered from the fuel that flowed to the main road, which engulfed eight cars and two commercial buses on queue. The tanker and the fuel station got burnt as well as a girl and two men were killed.


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