Unbelievable!!!Young Thug Dupe Someone $22,000

Young Thugger an American Singer was booked in Dallas, Texas this past Thursday for an after party at Onyx, the strip club. The promoter reportedly paid Young Thug $22,000 to show up & perform about 4 or 5 songs, after his concert, which was at the Palladium Ballroom downtown.

Welp! According to my source Young Thug didn’t perform or show face at the Strip Club, he received his back end that night when he arrived, but didn’t perform & nobody saw him because allegedly the V.I.P & stage wasn’t tight enough on security & something went wrong with the bottle service to my knowledge. He came with 10 people, collected his money & bounced after 5 to 10 minutes after sitting in the V.I.P angry!

So.. don’t be mad at the promoter he was there… but according to my resources things were unorganized between the venue & the promoter. Shots were fired inside the club after Young Thug left!

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