Woman becomes pregnant weeks before surrogate gave birth to her twins

Woman becomes pregnant weeks before surrogate gave birth to her twins
A woman was shocked when she became pregnant after a number of failed attempts.
Lauren Lichtnauer and her husband, Myron of Australia, had been trying to have children for years, but were unsuccessful.
After undergoing 21 unsuccessful IVF treatments, including four miscarriages, her friend Rosie Luik decided to step in and be a surrogate for the couple.
Luik of Brisbane, who is a model and mother of four children, decided to be a surrogate and because pregnant with her friend’s twins.
Lichtnauer said that she went through a period of being jealous of her friend who was carrying her babies as she wanted to be able to carry her own children.
However, she said that while she was jealous, she was also very appreciative and grateful to her friend.
“I was jealous that she got to carry these babies, but I was also in complete utter amazement and awe that someone would love me and find me special enough to do that for me,” she said.
However, just weeks before the twins were due, Lichtnauer learned that she was pregnant.
Lichtnauer is now raising all her three children. Both Luik and Lichtnauer said that the experience strengthened their friendship and brought their families closer together.
“Seeing my best friend’s face when the children were placed in my arms was just magical and it’s something I will never forget,” Luik said.
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